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“We need more money for investment to generate with this windows of job opportunity for people in social exclusion in Navarra”

The Association of Social Integration Enterprises (EINA) has appeared before the Social Rights Commission of the Parliament of Navarra to demand more funding for this sector of the Social Economy.

After holding a round of meetings with the 6 parliamentary groups, the Association of Insertion Companies of Navarra has appeared today before the Social Rights Commission in the Provincial Parliament to value the work of social and labour integration of the insertion companies of Navarra and transmit to the chamber the demands they have for the preparation of the next General Budgets of Navarra.

Social Integration Enterprises (SIE) are a recognized model of the social economy; financed by the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare; We develop within the framework of Provincial Decree 340/2019 and we seek to generate opportunities for the most vulnerable people in our community (homeless people, with drug use, gender violence, etc …). We are non-profit, viable companies that reinvest our surpluses in strengthening our activity. HIAs build real work environments where people with more difficulties in accessing employment develop skills and resources for the world of work.

Today, we have conveyed to the parliamentary groups the need to:

Increase the investment item to promote employment and improve competitiveness in social integration enterprises up to 360,000 euros.

Today, 16 social integration enterprises are established in Navarra and two more are in process. Just two years ago, there were 11 existing companies. This growth in the number of companies as well as the need of those already established to continue consolidating and diversifying their activity in order to reach more beneficiaries makes it necessary for us to emphasize acquiring and renovating tools and equipment and for this we need more means.

In the 2021 call, 50% of the HIAs have not received any subsidy and if they continue with this game without sufficient funding, this percentage will increase.

We understand that it is necessary to provide this financing line with a sufficient amount that allows it to be presented to all companies and that all of them, if they obtain the necessary score, can access the established limit of 20,000 euros, and that if it is not exhausted, enable the mechanism to access a second round that favours the implementation of larger projects. We believe it is a fair and necessary request.

We have also requested to guarantee a sufficient budget item that accompanies the growth and development of enterprises to finance technical staff, salaries and Social Security of people in exclusion)

Finally, we have emphasized the need to promote compliance with the Contract Reserve (art. 36 public contracts law) and create a specific budget allocation for EIS in European funds since we are a tool for inclusion in the framework of smart, sustainable and inclusive development in line with the European 2030 agenda.

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