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“We insert 2 out of 3 people in social exclusion with whom we work”

EINA celebrates the Day of Social Integration Enterprises 2021 presenting its social impact data and the new associated enterprises.

The president of the Association, Juan Cruz Arguiñariz, presented the insertion rate that reaches 64%. He also reviewed the data for the reservation of contracts of the Government of Navarra, which remains at a meager 1.2%. In the same way, the new insertion companies created and recently associated have been presented; Xilema Catering, Ultzama Farm School and Malerreka Common Zerbitzuak. Miriam Martón, managing director of the Navarre Employment Service, participated in the event, highlighting the growth of the insertion companies sector, thus expanding the number of available places.

Pamplona, November 26, 2021.- The Association of Social Integration Enterprises of Navarra (EINA) has given a press conference on the occasion of the Day of Social Integration Enterprises of Navarra in 2021. This year the event was a meeting in Civican with the media, which has had the interventions of the Managing Director of the Navarre Employment Service, Miriam Martón, as well as the president of the Association, Juan Cruz Arguiñariz, and representatives of the four new insertion companies created in Navarra and adhered to the association this year.

President Juan Cruz Arguiñariz has presented both the data on the social impact of the insertion companies in Navarra and the data on the level of compliance of the Government of Navarra in reserving contracts for social entities (Social Integration Enterprises and Special Employment Centers). He explained that social integration companies support more than 300 families in vulnerable situations in our territory and that their joint turnover reached 5.1 million euros in 2020, assuming this an increase of 13.3% compared to the previous year. By the end of this year, in addition, the number of socio-labor insertion companies is expected to be 18. Therefore, “it is important that the Government of Navarra continues to provide us with support to continue investing in the creation of new job opportunities.” He also spoke of the social balance of the social and labor insertion companies registered between the years 2017 and 2020. It was reflected that the number of people in the insertion process that swell the workforce employed in the social and labor insertion companies has grown by 143% going from 107 people three years ago to more than 260 in 2020.

Regarding the 6% reserve, they regretted their breach. According to the report of the Government of Navarra, prepared by the Navarre Employment Service, the number of contracts reserved by the provincial administration stands at 1.2% in 2020. Hence, he insisted on the importance of promoting compliance with the percentage of this Social Economy tool that benefits “the most vulnerable people in society”. For Arguiñariz, therefore, complying with the regulations “is betting on the social and territorial cohesion of Navarra”.

The newly created and recently joined EINA insertion companies: Xilema Catering, Ultzama Farm School, Bizinavar and Malerreka Common Zerbitzuak publicly presented their projects as insertion companies. Xilema and the Ultzama Farm School open new sectors of economic activity for insertion companies, since they are dedicated to the hotel industry (catering) and socio-environmental education and agricultural activities respectively. In addition, in the cases of the school farm and Malerreka Common Zerbitzuak, they expand the resource of the insertion companies to the north of Navarra, since they are located in the rural surroundings of the Ultzama valley and the Baztan-Bidasoa area, balancing the location that was traditionally concentrated in Pamplona and its region.

After that, the video produced by the Association was screened, entitled “The Social Economy as a means for the Socio-labor insertion of people in exclusion”, which contains the testimonies of people who are or have gone through insertion itineraries and relate their experience with in order to sensitize and educate society about the work of insertion companies and the principles of the Social Economy.

On behalf of the provincial administration, the Managing Director of the Navarre Employment Service, Miriam Martón, offered a few words in which she highlighted the growth of the insertion company sector thanks to the reform of the provincial decree that regulates them. In view of the numbers of the insertion companies, the managing director of the Navarre Employment Service (SNE), affirmed that these entities “are a benchmark in the management of resources and budgets to benefit the people who need it most” . For this reason, she showed the predisposition of her body to continue working and collaborating “to take a new impulse that allows us to face new challenges.” Martón also defended the need to reserve contracts in the public sector. A resource that, from her point of view, “promotes social cohesion through the socio-labor integration of the most vulnerable people and those with the greatest difficulties in accessing or staying in the labor market.”

As a farewell, the event featured a musical performance by the insertion techniques of the Transforma company, Odette Ongay (guitar) and Ainhoa Zabalza (vocalist) who offered an interpretation of a version of the song “Pero a tu lado” by Los Secrets live.

The Navarra Association of Insertion Companies (EINA) is a non-profit organization that serves as a link between the insertion companies of the Autonomous Community. Its objective is to promote, coordinate and promote its activity. Specifically, these are thirteen companies that employed a total of 260 people in 2020 and whose economic return was € 580,652.

Both the video and the musical performance can be viewed on the Association’s YouTube channel: