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The center

Nombre of the Centre: Carranza Delgado S.L.
Year of foundation: 2003
9 employees
Business model: non-profit.

Contact details

Contact person: Valentín Carranza
Address: Polígono Industrial Ombatillo, Calle B, nº4
31591 Corella
Telephone: 948 781 413
Fax: 948 401 401


Provide employment and training for people in situations of social exclusion or at risk of being so, in order to achieve their integration into the regular labor market.


Carranza Delgado S.L. intends to cover all the employment demands received, be a teamworker with suppliers and customers, collaborate with other organizations and meet the expectations of the Navarrese Society.


We are a non-profit organization, where respect, promotion and commitment of all employees is fostered through training and teamwork.

We work to ensure that our clients, our workers and society in general identifies themselves with our project. At the same time, we work to develop our skills and aptitudes.

We encourage initiative, creativity, communication and trust in, and among the different levels of our organization.

We ask, we demand, as it cannot be otherwise, responsibility as an essential present and future value for our organization.

Service catalogue

Manufacture of scented candles

We manufacture and manipulate colored and scented candles that are marketed in Spain and Portugal for the multiproduct sector, the promotional gift etc.

Small industrial assemblies

We develop small assemblies and quality control of parts mainly from the automotive sector for companies of the sector located in Navarre and surrounding regions.

Cleaning services

We clean public or private facilities, such as; cultural centers, sports centers, swimming pools, etc.

Concierge and reception services

We look after public or private facilities, such as; cultural centers, sports centers, swimming pools, etc.

Cleaning and maintenance of green areas

As a means of integrating our staff in tasks closer to the citizen, to society, and that are useful as a showcase for that bridge that we want to draw in order to achieve the full integration of people at the regular company.

Delivery services

Publicity, magazines and various documents. We provide this service for the public sector and private companies in the towns of Corella and its surroundings.