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Name of the Centre: Construcciones y Servicios Inserlantxo S.L.
Business model: non-profit.

Contact details

Address: Polígono Merkatondoa, Nave 20
31200 Estella
Telephone: 948 551 212
Mobile: 639 304 443
Fax: 948 551 212

A non-profit company classified as an Employment Integration Centre in 2001, which emerged with the clear aim of providing itself with the required solidity, viability and competitiveness to be able to fulfil the social integration of individuals in a situation of social exclusion through the company’s accompaniment, training and relevant activity, as defined in Article 2 of its deed of incorporation.

A project of work experience based on quality, respect for the environment, training and the necessary personal relationship that enables the comprehensive development of its participants.

A twenty-year experience in the construction industry ensures good quality at work. Investing in the training of workers, in safety and in decent employment conditions makes us an extremely competitive company
with high social returns. The permanent investment of all our resources and the non-profit basis reinforce the status of social enterprise.

Catalogue of services

Construction of new housing

Specialists in detached houses, rustic houses

Rehabilitation, restoration and refurbishment

Housing, roofs, facades, rustic housing, walls, painting (own team)

Housing estate

Estates, houses, plots, camping

Stone works

Grouts, restorations, cladding, masonry, ashlar, arches.


All trades, plumbing, carpentry, electricity


Scaffolding, landfills, earthworks

Sports facilities

Pediments, etc.


Insulation, panels, walls, structures, ecological coatings