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Name of the Centre: Nabut Navarra
Year of foundation: 2003
Joint directors:
Inés García, Isidro Rodríguez and Pedro Puente
Business model: Limited Sole proprietorship (a company owned by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano)

Contact details

Address: Calle San Blas 2, 31014 Pamplona
Telephone: 948  342 666 / 615 015 502

Under the principles of corporate responsibility and quality in management, Nabut’s business activities are carried out in accordance with fundamental commitments such as:

To offer quality services: our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients, performing a service with the highest standards of excellence, with close and humane treatment, and an affordable cost.

A strong commitment to social economy: since our inception in 2003 we have been committed to a completely different economy, an economy based on people and our social goals. A model of economic management that allows us to guarantee our viability and profitability and whose profits are reinvested in the recruitment of personnel, in the improvement of the company’s infrastructures and in the working conditions of the working staff.

Promoting employment: we offer jobs to those people who, either because of lack of opportunities or because of the need for initial job training, have not achieved a stable and constant job opportunity in their lifetime.

Providing individual and training trajectories: through the performance of a job and the social and labour support to the worker, together with the acquisition of the skills necessary for accessing the ordinary labour market. 80% of our workers are people with social difficulties.

Ensuring the activity of workers on an equal footing: by taking the necessary measures to meet the needs of men and women, ensuring that their activity is carried out under the same conditions. Measures of various kinds, from promoting the reconciliation of workers to strengthening the position of women in managerial posts. More than 50 per cent of Nabut’s staff are socially excluded women with dependent children.

Catalogue of services

Comprehensive cleaning

Since 2011 Nabut has carried out the comprehensive cleaning in offices, workplaces and centres. Home cleaning: one-off, maintenance cleaning at the end of works, clearing apartments and preparation. Community cleaning. Gastronomic Societies. Cleaning of public toilets.

We provide the experience and security of a company that responds to contingencies, monitors its staff and undertakes to perform the service in the event of any incident that may arise.

Nabut Navarra Laundry

Washing and ironing of clothes in an industrial process. Areas of work: hotels, uniforms, hostels, pensions, rural accommodation and residential centres.

House cleaning

House cleaning per hours with stable staff.

Auxiliary services in reception halls

Concierge work: opening, closing and cleaning of multi-service events rooms.

The kitchen of “El Fogón Errante”

It is a way of deepening our roots and taking our dishes wherever our customers are: proximity, sustainability, seasonality, quality and flavour.

Did you know?

That Nabut Navarra’s work activity has increased exponentially, growing in number of employees (with more than 25 workers), and covering new projects. Thanks to municipalities concerned with contract reserves, we have started a pilot experience managing the multi-purpose rooms located in different streets of the Old Town of Pamplona. In addition, this year we have repeated the experience of managing the municipal toilets of the Biurdana Park during the summer.

Cleaning in gastronomic societies becomes consolidated, offering a comprehensive service, with laundry, intensifying shifts during the busiest periods.

Nabut conducts qualified internal training for its staff to meet the needs and demands of our clients such as the certificate of professional cleaning of surfaces and furniture in buildings and premises.