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Name of the Centre: Traperos de Emaús
Year of foundation: 1972
256 in total. 29 within the integration company.
Business model: non-profit.

Contact details

Address: Gipuzkoa Avenue, Nº 11, 31013 Berriozar.
Telephone: 948 302 888

We are a non-profit foundation with more than 250 people that prioritizes the support to people with most difficulties and in a situation of vulnerability and we promote their employment, also through the integration company.

All our activities are organized and carried out under the principles of social and Solidarity Economy: the importance of people, equity, justice, solidarity and the environment.

We live on our work: , preparing for reuse and recycling of objects, this makes us free and self-sufficient. The work covers our needs and we also support other groups in need.

Committed to the environment and nature-friendly: we are pioneers in circular economy and manage more than 10,000 tons of waste in agreement with the associations and management systems, preventing the waste from going to the landfill.

We are supportive: we work and fight for a classless society, understanding solidarity as a political attitude towards life.

“Seemingly useless people with seemingly useless objects do useful things”

Catalogue of services

Waste collection

Collection of waste in agreement with management associations and systems. Clothing, bulky items, e-waste, paper, containers, glass and batteries.

Preparation for reuse

Checking, cleaning and/or repair of discarded objects for reuse.

Preparation for recycling

We dismantle the objects to use their materials as raw materials or spare parts.

Sale of objects at our stores

Everything that is in good condition and has been prepared for reuse is sent to our second-hand stores.