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The center

Name of the center: Catering Xilema Empresa de Inserción Sociolaboral.
Year of foundation: As a catering company in 2010 and 2020 it is recognized as SIE.
Staff: 17 employees.
Business model: non-profit.

Contact details

Address: Paseo José María Lacarra, 3 bajo – Pamplona-Iruñea.
Telephone: (+34) 948 249 900
Contact person: Gorka Colomo

Quality restaurant and catering service

Catering Xilema is a commitment to the employability of underprivileged groups with whom we work at Fundación Xilema. We work for socio-labor insertion with the aim of providing a work experience that allows a better incorporation into the labor market of those who has especial difficult of insertion, as it is the situation of a part of our staff. 

Training in the food service sector

We promote the autonomy of people by training, guiding and enabling them to work in the food service sector through a real paid experience. We offer personalized attention and social support from a diverse professional team.

 At Catering Xilema we prepare varied, natural and balanced menus with the best raw materials specially selected each season.

In addition, the place has a food store for individuals and groups (families, associations, societies and clubs) and offers a home delivery service. The food is made with seasonal products and under strict nutritional and food control. Catering Xilema is registered in the General Sanitary Registry of Food and Food Companies with the number: 26.013556 / NA

Preparation of quality meals

We put special care in every detail so that our customers can enjoy a healthy dish. Our services are oriented towards your satisfaction.

Eating at Catering Xilema combines health, quality and solidarity.

Service catalogue

Catering for businesses

It is a service for companies in which we offer a daily menu adapted to the needs of each entity. The menus are personalized and chosen weekly by each worker. This way, you can have a diet adapted to your taste without neglecting that it is healthy, varied and balanced.

In this service we work with what is known as the “cold line”, a new concept that guarantees all the nutritional properties of the food we cook.

Home service

We offer the possibility of hiring a home delivery service with menus adapted to the needs of each person.

Catering for events

We have extensive experience in organizing catering for both the public administration and the private sector. We offer coffee-breaks, breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and dinners for events such as congresses, conferences, family celebrations, meetings, anniversaries, etc.

The Shop

In our store you can buy directly all the dishes that we cook daily in individual containers.

Food on request

In addition to the daily meals, you can customize the menu to your liking on request and for the number of diners you want. Menus or special dishes and roasts can be ordered.