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Name of the Centre: Josenea Bio S.L.U
Year of foundation: 2002
46 employees
Business model: non-profit business integration business

Contact details

Commercial department: 948 880 696
General Director: Jesús Cía Asensio – 667 431 178
Administration: Arantza Larumbe – 662 382 028
Environmental Section: Elisa Ayape – 678 786 801
Social Department: Belén Gay – 667 431 180
Guided Tours: Ibone Gartziandia – 662 381 227

Address: Avda. Aoiz 11, 31440 Limbier


Working towards the social and occupational integration of people who, for different reasons (age, gender, background…etc.) find it difficult to find employment, using as a means the creation of companies conducting activities in the natural environment in an ecological way.


Companies with a high social and environmental value renowned for their product quality, for the dignity of their workers and their economic profitability.


Ethics, responsibility to workers, justice, equality, transparency, ecology, local responsibility, responsibility for the final product

“A high social and environmental value, with recognized quality of their products and services.”

Catalogue of services

Organic infusions

Josenea Bio takes every care of it products since it undertakes the whole process, from field-to-cup. The entire range of products we market are 100% ecological. We guarantee properties, aroma and authentic flavour. Organic cosmetics under the Irati Organic brand. Packaged for
third parties.

Environmental Section

Comprehensive gardening services:
Garden design and creation Installation of irrigation systems.
Garden furniture and playgrounds. Planting, pruning, weeding. Recovery of degraded areas in the natural environment. Riverside cleaning, Reforestations. Organic composting services. Organic matter collection service. Organic matter management and composting service.

Organic crops of aromatic and medicinal plants on the Bordablanca farm.

Josenea produces and organically transforms its plants on Bordablanca farm in Lumbier. The crops are hand grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, while the harvesting, drying, storage and packaging processes are strictly overseen to ensure their consumption in optimal condition.

Guided tours

Guided tours are carried out for groups of all ages around the plantation of aromatic and medicinal plants located in the municipality of Bordablanca in Lumbier. Bordablanca fram, with an extension of 140,000m2, is an area where we can get to know the reality of ecological agriculture, watching the work done inside the greenhouse, the nursery area, the plant dryer and plots where approximately 50 different varieties of plants, shrubs and trees with medicinal, aromatic and seasoning properties are cultivated. There is also a Bio house built according to green home building criteria equipped with solar and wind energy, compost baths, which allow us to see how this type of construction works in practice. Group visits last about an hour and a half.

Soon there will be the option to visit the Circular Economy Park.